When Jozef Kromka founded KREŽ in 1997, he had no idea where this adventure would take him. A suitcase full of dreams and wishes, but also responsibility for his family and employees. Always dreaming of his own production, he decided to try it with clothes with which he has many years’ experience.

By the way, the name KREŽ is an acronym for the birth surnames of the Kromka couple.

As the years passed, the company faced a serious decision. Diversify revenues due to growing competition from Asia. This was the beginning of the end of the company’s clothing production. The field of construction proved to be a suitable opportunity, especially the construction of industrial halls in Slovakia and abroad. KREŽ operated in the construction field until 2013. During this period, however, the dream of our own industrial production remained.

Chocolate #9 energy gel and the possibility of importing it from the USA to Europe appeared like lightning from a clear sky. During his visit to the USA in 2011, Jozef’s younger son Igor discovered it in a sports equipment shop. This little miracle not only supplies energy during training, but also tastes great. Its features convinced us and we decided to become a distributor for the EU. We were selling the gel under the Agave #9 brand for the next few years.

The biggest change occurred in 2013, when the offer came to produce energy gel for the USA and we were given the opportunity to develop our own products with our own recipes. The reason was very prosaic. The owner in the USA decided to retire slowly, did not want to have large stocks and had no one to hand the business over to.

Since Jozef’s older son Matúš is a production technologist, we decided to create our own innovative production method. Since then, our modular line has been constantly evolving and improving so that we can provide you, our customers, with the best possible product in reasonable quantities.

Today, we have a production facility in picturesque Zamagurí and the gel production programme is expanded to include innovative instant drinks and other products that we sell under the Monk Nutrition brand.

Here we are

View of Zamagurie from the top of the iconic Tri koruny hill.

And here we are

at SNP 89/175 in Spišská Stará Ves