We, KREŽ, as a company and manufacturer of the Monk Nutrition brand, are based on the fact that we supply you, our customers, with quality products that you’ll appreciate with the first taste. We live with the Monk brand, looking for new innovative recipes that are inspired by “old grandma recipes”. Local as well as recipes from around the world.

Monk Nutrition brand expresses much more than product labels. It expresses our love for pure nature, our respect for traditions and our desire for innovation. We were inspired by a monk, whose legend proves that it’s possible to innovate, use the power of nature while preserving traditions.

We believe that our approach to responsible business will help to Slovakia, our native Zamagurie, as well as the people who live here and people on the other side of the globe.

Products Monk Nutrition


They’re prepared for natural energy replenishment under physical or mental stress without the added chemicals. Nature for the body, nature for the mind with a sense of gourmet experience. For this purpose, we’re looking for and selecting the highest quality raw materials from around the world, bringing them to our Monk kitchen and preparing premium gourmet Monk energy gels. We can raise the quality of cultivation and the quality of workmanship in a new form, which is best used for your body. Nature is perfect to be opened and to look into its corners.


Monk Iontak is the first instant sports drink in organic quality without the use of preservatives, sugar substitutes, sweeteners and colourings. All ingredients used in the production are of the highest quality and give this drink a unique taste.


Start your day with breakfast from Monk. Pure organic ingredients mixed in suitable proportions.

Whether you are an athlete or a busy parent who needs something fast in the morning, the healthy and tasty Monk Breakfast products are here for you.

Monk Instant Latté

An innovative combination of vegetable coconut milk with a rich taste of matcha green tea, delicious cocoa or the power of turmeric root. With Monk Instant Latté, you can enjoy every sip of a pleasant drink not only during long, cold evenings.

Monk Superfoods

Seaweed loaded with vitamins or seeds full of healthy fats. You can find it all in Monk SuperFoods.

And much more… for example

Monk Spices

Do you want to spice up your life? Whether you are looking for real Ceylon cinnamon or you want to experience the power of ginger in Monk Spices, you’ll find it.


Real Shoyu sauce will spice every meal in the house. Real soy sauce, without artificial flavours and extreme amounts of salt, or sweet hazelnut nougat. You’ll find all this in Monk’s delicacies.


With Monk, you don’t have to worry about eating with relish. Vegan chocolate caps or Mini Nougat will make your day more pleasant.

Monk Natural Oils

Cold or warm cuisine is not a problem. With Monk natural oils, you can treat yourself to healthy fats in every meal or drink.